Import Customs Clearance Clerk

£28000 - £30000

Job Description

Import Customs Clearance Clerk
Ø Liaise with the import operations team on a daily basis to receive customs information for shipments on import services.
Ø Communicate with customers, both agents and direct private individuals regarding their customs clearance both on the phone and over email.
Ø Monitor both internal and external emails and respond to customers/colleagues when required.
Ø Check commercial documentation for accuracy and resolve issues when detected.
Ø Use Datafreight to complete import customs entries, keying the specific details into the system to generate the import duty and VAT figures.
Ø Ensure the importer is provided with correct and up to date information on customs procedures where possible and refer to the HMRC tariff for information.
Ø Charge duty/VAT deferment fees to importer prior to cargo being released.
Ø Monitoring Destin8 and CNS for holds placed on shipments by Port health, border force etc. and alert the import operator to ensure they can plan around the delay.
Ø Communicate with the import team and keep them updated with clearance information as the process progresses
Ø Check the emails for automatically generated clearance print outs and attach them to the customs entry to scan over to the operator to confirm release of the shipment.
Ø Provide assistance with entry checking to ensure a high level of accuracy is achieved before the customs entry is sent through to HMRC.
Ø Liaise with government bodies by email and telephone with regards to shipment holds, duty reclaims, trading standards queries and port health.

Must have previous experience within a freight forwarder to apply.