Export Documentation Clerk

£18000 - £20000

Job Description

Export Documentation Clerk,

with the highest level of customer service in the industry preparation of prompt accurate documentation for all destinations. Maintaining a high degree of professional communication skills.

Creating B/Ls working in LCL Department,

Create Bills of Lading and ensure the following:
· Correct profiles are chosen or created for all parties required for the bill of lading.
· Bill of Lading is in compliance with the master submitted by the shipper/forwarder.
· Complete amendments to bills of lading immediately
· Ensure all related charges are protected on the bill of lading and proper cost accounts are set up for each( e.g. truck bills, forwarders disbursements, insurance certificates). Proactively solicit required documentation from shippers so as to achieve goals of 100% complete courier/ email attachments.

Check GRC confirmation report on a daily basis and act upon any comments.
Prepare and maintain vessel files
Double check container and seal numbers and load manifests where provided
Dispatch to the steamship line accurate master manifests and export declarations within 3 working days of the vessel departure. Check Line Bill matches our instruction.
Dispatch documentation to the clients within 2 working days of vessel sailing. Preferably same day or 1 day after sailing. Shipped on board confirmations received in writing from the shipping line along with vessel rate of exchange. To be sent to clients same day.
Issue client/ agent invoices.
Pre-alert to destination to arrive no later than 5 working days before ETA
Files to be returned to Operations to allow closing within 4 working days of sailing
Reply to emails in a timely manner - 1 hour turn-around is our goal.
Report any and all service failure or irregularities to manager
Maintain clean, organized working area
Assist customers/agents with questions, complaints, requests or track and trace.