Export Freight Forwarding Operator x2

£30000 - £32000

Job Description

Export Freight Forwarding Operator

· Completion of end to end forwarding activities as the individual role requires
· Follow strict and time sensitive SOPs/KPIs to ensure compliance
· Work closely with internal and external customers
· Focus on customer service
· Use of Next Gen/MS office as requested
· Ensure invoicing, job costing, CIA, Netting and milestone are updated within the required timeframe
· Month end department compliance
· Customs Entries
· Cost control
· Assist senior forwarders, Supervisor and line manager where required
· Ensure all reports including internal and customer specific are completed within the deadline
· Resolve queries from customers and suppliers
· Ensure Best Practice models are adopted
· Work closely with the Operations manager for Internal and external rates reviews.
· Remain in contact with customers and suppliers to maintain relationships
· To take part in customer reviews when required to build up visibility and relationships with customers.
· Assist sales and management with customer development
· Maintain clean desk policy
· Operate within companies QA system
· Any other tasks as directed by their Supervisor or line manager

· Business related experience

· Proven customer service record and experience

· Proven operational experience
· Thorough understanding of customer needs
· Knowledge in of the international transportation and logistics industry, in export Air Sea Road operations.
· A knowledge and understanding of financials and impact on business
· A Good knowledge of IT systems and processes used in the transport sector
· Fluent in English, local language and any other languages required for smooth operation of business
· Result-oriented and driven to achieve goals and meet targets
· Problem solving skills
· Ability to read and understand an SOP
· Customer service driven
· Deep knowledge of the financial contexts the business exists within
· Profitability and result-oriented and always looking for improvement in our business processes
· Team oriented
· Quality focus.
Monday to Friday

Must have freight forwarding experience to apply for this role.