Junior Customs Clearance Clerk

£16000 - £16000

Job Description

Junior Customs Clearance Shift Clerk.
Although any level of previous experience can be considered, we are prepared to take on a first jobber for this interesting position which requires constant learning. This is a shift position, so candidates must be 18 or over. Mainly dealing with international drivers of (non-EU) freight through Dover, our 24-hour office handles international consignments through Customs procedures at most Airports and Ports of the UK. Assessing and chasing information to be interpreted for, and meeting, HMRC requirements of goods classification, origin status, and valuation for Duty purposes, so that declarations can be prepared and presented accurately and in good time through various Port management systems. An enquiring mind should enjoy the variety of different goods and types of trade transactions we have to consider and reference to EU and UK Regulations for our clients, in order to move their goods through HMRC and Other Government Agencies.
Job Type: Full Time
Salary: negotiable - Benefits include bonus payments twice a year + annual car parking fees.
Rotating Hours: 10am - 6pm / 3pm - 11pm / 11pm - 7am