Sea Frieght Import Coordinator

£26000 - £26000

Job Description

Sea Freight Import Coordinator

Duties Include:
· Order processing management
· Custer Order plausibility analysis
· Planning/Booking/ Transport order
· Coordinating/follow up of the shipment
· Customs processing( import) ocean
· Documentation/administration/ filling
· Feedback to the customs( internal and external reporting of the shipments to the customer) By various means ( mail, phone, EDI)
· Operational troubleshooting
· Non-conformance reporting in accordance with KPIS
· Cooperation with approved subcontractors in accordance with agreed rates
· End to end processing
· Punctual and flawless order handling and documentation

Key skills:
· Good communication skills both oral and written
· Initiative and strong sense for organization in order to meet customer requirements
· Good administrative skills and computer literacy
· Stress resistant
· Team player, but also able to work independently
· Able to work with different cultures
· Troubleshooting