Intermodal Coordinator

$40000 - $60000

Job Description


Determine the most cost effective way to move a shipment in a timely manner. Ensure that customer orders are processed accurately; that customer shipments are picked up and in-gated on time; that all information is entered accurately, completely and in a timely manner.

· Project Management - Planning, organizing, securing, managing, leading, and controlling resources to achieve specific goals

· Proactively reviews customer onboarding information for accuracy

· Knows customer contract terms

· Takes orders and ensures that all aspects of the order are completed to meet the requirements of the customer

· Continuously works to eliminate accessorial charges to provide a more seamless customer experience

· Determines the most cost effective way to move a shipment in a timely manner

· Understands the quote, the equipment required and the costs for the order

· Ensures clear dray carrier communication and follow-up regarding on time pick-up, timely in-gating

· Understands and applies information relating to shipment, shipment status, delivery appointments and additional charges