Warehouse Forklift Operative

£21000 - £23000

Job Description

KEY OBJECTIVES Your key objective as the Warehouse Operative is to support the Warehouse Manager and the rest of the team. 1. Quality: Manage existing Warehouse Flow, being the main daily point of contact between the Project, Production & Print Team delivering agreed activity on time and budget. 2. Quality and Reputation: To seek and deliver best possible solution to client brief. 3. Finance: To maximise all business opportunities within existing clients, both new projects and maximisation of margin. 4. Culture: To contribute to the Company culture ensuring that it is an enjoyable and energetic environment. KEY RESPONSIBILITIES 1. WAREHOUSE - Understand & Manage all the Warehouse elements from: · Collateral & Stock Management · Liaising and Managing customers and the Company Project team · Planning, Development & Implementation of Systems · Compliance and leading Health & Safety Legislation · Maintaining all warehouse working equipment (pump trucks, scales, forklifts, etc.) · Managing Waste Disposal and general cleanliness in the facility · Operating reach truck and forklift and insuring certificates are up to date · Assist the team with hired vehicle hand overs · Loading & unloading trucks (including full inventory and condition report checks) HEALTH & SAFETY · Monitor and manage all Health & Safety aspects in the Production Facility 2. CLIENT RELATIONSHIP - proactively build excellent client relations · Ensure that the provision of client services are to maximum quality. · Ensure that main point of contact responsibility is maintained. · Anticipate needs and identify actions before the client recognises them. · Plan how to strengthen and extend client relations. 3. COMMUNICATION - be clear and concise in all communication · Maximise both internal and external communication to ensure the smooth running of both the team and client projects. · Be professional in all elements of communication; attention to detail; follow up verbal client contact with email - accurate and speedy reflection of conversation. · Initiate regular status meetings ensure good flow of communication, both up and down. 4. FINANCIAL - develop the ability to maximise margins and revenues · Have a thorough understanding of the internal accounting and billing procedures. · Complete monthly financial summaries by job. · Raise all outstanding invoices on time. · Maximise revenue potential to ensure margin targets are met, providing an explanation if not achieved. · Be aware of Company targets and of your personal responsibility within that target. · Ensure no outstanding costs, unless justified total management of budgets. 5. ADMINISTRATION / PROFESSIONALISM - ensure 'super' efficiency both in internal and external dealings. · Maintain an up to date and efficient filing system that can be easily accessed by any other team member, via server and hard copies. · Ensure that all conversations in respect of quotes/confirmations/instructions are put in writing immediately, and filed where appropriate (email / hard copy). · Maintain high standards of time keeping and appearance. · Be professional at all times in dealing with clients and colleagues alike. 6. COMPANY PROJECTS/STAFF RELATIONSHIPS be as much a part of the Company team as you are your own team · Participate in team meetings and briefing. · Convey, at all times the professional image of the Company to clients at the same time as contributing to the spirit of the Company. · Always work in a professional, hard working, reliable manner and to always show respect to other colleagues · WHEN RELEVANT - Prepare and assist in Personal Development Plans
Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.30pm

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