In order to be paid on time, all temporary staff must complete their time sheets and return them by 0900hrs every Tuesday morning for the previous week in order to be paid on Friday. It is absolutely essential you don’t miss the Tuesday deadline. 

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Interview Advice

Getting the offer of an interview is an important first step. Now you want to make the best possible first impression when you meet your potential employer. Reading our advice will help you prepare for your interview. It provides a helpful guide and tips on how to impress your potential employer and aims to ensure you’re the candidate that gets a job offer.

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Our employee and compliance vetting service

With local specialists based at First Choice branches close to major national and regional airports across the UK, we supply our clients with screened, tested and vetted candidates as part of our total aviation recruitment solution.

The launch of our Aviation Compliance pod has now extended our capability even further, increasing the range of services we offer not only for the vetting of internal agency staff but also as an outsourcing service to companies which require their employees to be vetted to ensure they meet all industry requirements and will uphold their employers’ professional reputations.

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