Job Description

Data Entry Clerk

1. To test consumer tech devices (headphones) using a diagnostics app on a PC.
2. Record results per test on database.
3. Clean and repack devices into point of sale cartons.

Sorry it is a little sparse, but this pretty much captures the entire requirement.

The client is a top quality headphones manufacturer.

We received their returns.

These units need to be plugged into a PC and a diagnostic test run.

If the unit passes the test, then the units need to be cleaned, reboxed to be sold as B Stock.

So - this would suit someone who is reasonably tech savvy -

Hope that this is sufficient.

Ideally a temp 6 month contract, but, as I said - it could be extended - or (if we like the person), we may absorb them into our operation in due course.

This is not a standard software package. It is a diagnostic app, which is unique to this client.

We need someone who is tech minded and familiar with general software (Excel / Word) - but the actual software being used is unique.