Pencil Tapping – Or How I Learned That I Knew Everything and Nothing

  • April 28, 2015

You know how they say you learn something new every day? Well, today I learned that I am a pencil tapper. According to the people I sit near when I am thinking I tap a pencil on the desk, on my teeth, on my forehead, and so on, and apparently it’s really annoying.  I must have done this for years so why is it becoming so prominent right now? Well, it’s because I am trying to write this article.

I probably should explain a little more about why we are doing these longer blogs. We currently pass on news and bits of information via the website. We will be continuing to do this, but we felt it would be useful to start to share a little more of our experience and ourselves and hopefully that will be helpful and informative for our readers.

The issue is that I want to say so much. As you may know, here at First Choice Staff, we have been in the business of freight and related industry recruitment since 1993. During all those years, we have picked up quite a lot of experience. So while it would seem easy enough to write that down, the problem is that we know an awful lot of stuff, and there is a limited amount of space.

Clearly we should be letting you know about any changes to legislation and regulation that come along. As time goes on, we will try to make sure that we pass on any important changes as we see them.

Also, we want to keep you up to speed with the wider industry situation. Obviously we will need to pick and choose what we discuss. For example, the current delays at Port of Liverpool are unlikely to be much use for a longer article because by the time it goes up, they will no longer be news. On the other hand major mergers or international situation could well be worth an article.

Advice for employers and candidates would also seem to be a good idea. In a market with a widening skills gap, for example, we are seeing a need to change perhaps the way employers approach potential candidates for example. Of course, there is the ever-present need for career development advice and hints and tips for candidates.

I could go on but suffice it to say that until you sit down and try to decide what to write in one of these articles you don’t realise how much you know.

The problem is, what I don’t know is which of these topics you want to read the most, or if you actually want to read something entirely different. I could take an educated guess, but I think I would rather throw the ball back in your court. So, if you have any specific subjects you would like us to look at from legislation to CV tips then just let us know, and we will try.

OK, so well at least I have solved the problem of this article because I am pretty much out of words now. The question is, what do I do with the next one?

Where is that pencil?