Does work have to be miserable?

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A great new BBC podcast asks: ‘Does work have to be miserable?’It’s a brilliant ...

First Choice Staff

By First Choice Staff

A great new BBC podcast asks: ‘Does work have to be miserable?’

It’s a brilliant question. Too often, we simply equate #jobsatisfaction with how much money we take home at the end of the month. While this is clearly a prime factor in #career choices, it’s far from the only, or most important, requirement. And it’s certainly not the single key to happiness.

As any #employer knows, happy employees are more responsive and productive, and help to build the best working environment and business culture. However great a product, service or brand might be, if the people you encounter are not inspired to deliver that all-important customer experience, customer loyalty soon evaporates.

So, today more than ever, it’s vital for companies to understand what’s uppermost in their employees’ working requirements.

This #podcast looks at five of the most important things that make us happy at work, from the frontline perspective:
• Meaningful Work
• Autonomy
• Workers Voice
• Valuing Skills & Talent
• Dignity of Workers

It’s a great listen for both #employers and #jobseekers. Tune in and benefit now at