I Know the Score Football Predictor

  • July 15, 2019

IT’S BACK!!  Finally they have launched this season’s Predictor.

In addition to the Fantasy Premier League competition we are running again this year, we will also be running this again this season if we get the numbers!!

We will put up prize money like last year (which will depend on numbers) but could be £250 to the winner of the First Choice Staff Shield with £125 to second. We really need to increase the number of different forwarders this year (for the boss to keep the prize money the same) so please forward on to friends/colleagues/ex colleagues working in the industry.

It’s free to join. You can enter your scores each week or all in one go if you wish. I know a lot of you entered last year and joined The First Choice Staff Shield.

The First Choice Staff Shield is on the following website  

You then need to register, click on the mini leagues tab, then join a private league by entering the code below.

League Code:


League Name:

First Choice Staff Shield

Only UK based Freight companies staff eligible for prizes.

1 entry per person only allowed (Freight/Courier/Cargo/Transport industry staff only).

Please then email me at to confirm your entry.

Good luck to everyone that enters. 

We will only do this if we receive minimum numbers.