Fast job offers get results

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Fast job offers get resultsCompanies in industries across the UK are finding it increasingly...

First Choice Staff

By First Choice Staff

Fast job offers get results

Companies in industries across the UK are finding it increasingly difficult to find candidates for their latest temporary or permanent roles. 

In an employment market in which demand outweighs supply, the best advice is to act quickly if you find a candidate who meets your requirements.

Chas Dowton, Founder of First Choice Staff, says: “It’s more important than ever for employers to be decisive when a suitable candidate comes along for a role they need to fill. Of course, there’s always that temptation to wait to see if an even better applicant steps forward but, in reality, many companies which hang on before making a job offer later regret not acting faster because the candidate they wanted to employ has often gone on to accept another role with a more proactive employer.

“It is clear that with the current economic uncertainties, more and more people are sticking with their current employers because they feel safe and secure, and not even the chance to boost their income is likely to tempt them away. So, with a smaller pool of candidates actively looking for jobs, our advice to employers is not to let the best ones get away.”